Ruets (DVD)
Ruets (DVD)


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Ruets (DVD)



This DVD contains audio and visiual work by: Move D, Benjamin Brunn,Kate Simko, Pub, Even Tuell, Clatterbox, Peter van Hoesen, Chris Parks, Scott Pagano, Humanstudio, Ego ..

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After the three ruets vinyl mini compilations, comes the first meakusma DVD. True to the collective's spirit, it functions as a mini-compendium of established artists and debutants of whom many have already been featured on the vinyl releases. 23 tracks by Move D & Benjamin Brunn, Kate Simko, Pub, Subjex, Terrence Dixon, Herrmutt Lobby, Roger 23, Kinora Viewer, Roebin de Freitas, Peter Van Hoesen, Immer.Chic Trifonic, Rony & Suzy,... get a visual interpretation by, amongst others, man vs magnet, Chris Parks, Defasten, Kris Clijsters, Les agents Myop, Scott Pagano, institut Goetze, Humanstudio, ego, miH, Ewo, Dirk Ignoul... The visual contributions range in style from more straightforward digital visual design to cut-up pieces to short movies, whilst still having a distinctly understated feel. Trying to establish networks between musicians and visual artists, the results are often subtly surprising. The visual artists have been given total freedom in the development of their pieces and in their interpretation of the music. Compiled together with the Ampoule collective from Scotland (still to become absolutely notorious for their high quality electronic music output), meakusma has chosen quality over shock effect. As bonus you can drag & drop all tracks as wav-files them to your hard drive.
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