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1. fly away - abraham battat
2. dawn - richard martian & co.
3. missed another day - the gingerbread express
4. would you believe - gloria rosebud black
5. spanish guitar (feat. willie moores quintet) - jimmy briggs
6. in a galaxy far away - third stream
7. the dude - joe b
8. the provider - seeds of fulfillment
9. masquerade - larry covin
10. in a strange strange land - bobby boyd congress
11. wild wild world - larry dismond
12. take you for a ride - st. johns wood
13. seasons of doubt - finnigan/finlan
14. when the time is right - timberlake
15. summer love - portis brothers
16. midnight and you - odyssey group
17. scratch my back - soul scratchers

These were the final words of the sales notes of Praise Poems Volume 1 which we proudly released earlier this year. And indeed, since then, we discovered a tune which led us to continue to curate this series of obscure, soulful, jazzy and spiritual sounds from back in the day. The song to which we refer to is Abraham Battat s jazz-samba masterpiece, Fly Away. Fly Away is a righteous combination of sonorous jazz guitar, crackling drums and warm acoustic piano. Floating through the tones as if in a private concert for you in your very living room is an earnest, honest vocal performance bringing a rainbow message of freedom and liberty to the world. This is the standard by which we judged the entirety of this compilation

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2x12 Inch LP
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Though they may be known in some circles, In the same category of pure beauty are selections by Richard Martian, Larry Covin, and The Gingerbread Express. Of course, good luck finding a copy of Larry Covin's Masquerade or the Portis Brothers' Summer Love. The single hit you receive while doing an online search is the exact same copy from which we took the master. To find a needle in a haystack is a cakewalk compared to turning up a copy of some of these gems to be found here.

Rarity is important, quality is more important, and whether a song has been compiled yet is of the highest consideration. In this case, all but one of them have yet to be compiled elsewhere. By and large, this compilation highlights a unique historical context in the development and splintering of the streams of funk, soul and jazz. There are plenty of true funk elements. There is a spectrum of electronic synth experiments. There is rich post-post-bop instrumentalism, and at least one instance of wah wah flute! And of course, and perhaps most importantly, there is a pervasive message of the attainment of freedom, whether it be through non-attachment, space travel, social action, spirituality, or musical genre blending. The Praise Poems series is an attempt at a faithful snapshot of this revolutionary music before it began it's inevitable backslide into the bourgeois excesses of the jazz-fusion genre. Call it proto-fusion? Exemplified in performances like the cosmic bossa-odyssey of Third Stream, the jazz-pre-fusion of Seeds of Fulfillment, modal-tribal and chant explorations by Bobby Boyd Congress, the cinematic audiophilia of Belgium's Soul Scratchers, the electro-acoustic blend of folk, percussion, and jazz by John Finnigan and Maureen Finlon, or an undeniable funky theatricality by Larry Dismond that would make Galt Macdermot proud.
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