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Claremont 56 / C56CD006

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limited edition hand numbered copies.
So, finally, a year in the making, comes Sean Pís Originals collection - the missing third volume in this brilliant Claremont 56 CD series. Here weíre lucky enough to get an insight into the musical mind of one of the most respected collectors out there. Sean has spent many a year building up an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things musical and along the way amassed such a huge record collection itís rumoured his home is partly built from vinyl. As a young lad growing up in South London Sean immersed himself in the world of record collecting and developed a taste for the New York sound of labels such as Prelude and West End when most of us were still obsessed with Adam & The Ants. A love of soul music and boogie flourished and it wasnít long before Sean was gracing the airwaves on various pirate stations. Clubs soon followed and a reputation as a fine and expert selector developed. However itís not all soul and disco in Mr P&r squo;s world as this compilation shows. Sean is just as happy expounding the virtues of obscure pop and psychedelia as well as sharing a detailed knowledge of long lost black music most of us will have never heard and without Sean are unlikely to. And letís not even get started on the jazz! As a regular feature behind the counter of some of Londonís finest second hand vinyl emporiums Sean has had the opportunity to share nuggets and educate many of us in the ways of record collecting. Heís not been awarded the soubriquet The Knowledge for nothing. As with all Claremont56 releases they won't last for long and this one is no exception; limited edition hand numbered copies. Tip!
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