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2x cd
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1. faze action - in the trees (cello reprise)
2. wouter de moor featuring theo parrish words - lectures (acapella)
3. he analogue cops - why you love me (original mix)
4. robot needs oil - mood swings (original mix)
5. andre lodemann - where are you now? (original mix)
6. coca district - meet me
7. fabian feynman - move me (original mix)
8. pablo bolivar - last change (jay shepheard remix)
9. oliver $ & jimi jules - pushing on (dub)
10. daniel wang - not feeling it
11. full intention featuring robert owens - let me be
12. scheibe - achterwaarts
13. memoryman aka uovo - come & get it
14. liapin - redskin (agnes remix)
15. taron-trekka - sunkissed shak
16. erykah badu - on & on
17. jovonn - slammin doors (knockin)
18. marco passarani - colliding bonus star
19. alix alvarez - fayall
20. deetron - orange
21. einmusik - distinguished
22. julien jabre - war (nic fanciulli edit)
23. michel sacher - redstar (original mix)
24. joris voorn - blank (2011 unreleased version)
25. thom yorke - the eraser

2CDs of cutting-edge house and techno from one of the worlds leading electronic artists! Nic Fanciulli is the latest A-list artist to be welcomed the ranks of Defected’s In The House series. Defected presents Nic Fanciulli In The House features a star-studded underground cast including Roman Flugel, Jovonn, Ben Sims, Theo Parrish, KiNK and Octave One as well as a handful of remixes from Fanciulli himself.

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2x CD
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Originally inspired by the eclecticism of his first musical hero, Laurent Garnier, Nic Fanciulli has subsequently forged and increasingly impressive career. Cutting his teeth playing alongside the likes of Sasha & Digweed and Carl Cox, these titans of dance music have, over the last 15 years or so, gone from being Fanciulli’s inspiration to becoming his peers.

With his label, Saved Records celebrating an impressive 100th release earlier this year, and a new Ibiza party La Familia alongside frequent collaborator Joris Voorn recently announced, this new mix album represents yet another career highlight for Fanciulli.
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01. Faze Action 'In The Trees' (Cello Reprise)
Wouter de Moor featuring Theo Parrish Words 'Lectures' (Acapella)
02. The Analogue Cops 'Why You Love Me' (Original Mix)
03. Robot Needs Oil 'Mood Swings' (Original Mix)
04. André Lodemann 'Where Are You Now?' (Original Mix)
05. Coca District 'Meet Me'
06. Fabian Feynman 'Move Me' (Original Mix)
07. Pablo Bolivar 'Last Change' (Jay Shepheard Remix)
08. Oliver $ & Jimi Jules 'Pushing On' (Dub)
09. Daniel Wang 'Not Feeling It'
10. Full Intention featuring Robert Owens 'Let Me Be'
11. Scheibe 'Achterwaarts'
12. Memoryman aka Uovo 'Come & Get It'
13. Liapin 'Redskin' (Agnes Remix)
14. Taron-Trekka 'Sunkissed Shak'
15. Erykah Badu 'On & On'
16. Jovonn 'Slammin' Doors' (Knockin')
17. Marco Passarani 'Colliding Bonus Star'
18. Alix Alvarez 'Fayall'
19. Deetron 'Orange'
20. Einmusik 'Distinguished'
21. Julien Jabre 'War' (Nic Fanciulli Edit)
22. Michel Sacher 'Redstar' (Original Mix)
23. Joris Voorn 'Blank' (2011 Unreleased Version)
24. Thom Yorke 'The Eraser'


01. Phil Weeks 'Live At Palladium'
02. Ordinary Subject 'Hidden Life' (Original Mix)
03. Ruede Hagelstein 'Minus'
04. Rampa 'Chai Jen Jen' (Original Mix)
05. Dario D`Attis 'The Good Old Days' (Original Mix)
06. Moizez Ohr & Raized 'Apofenia' (Original Mix)
Cevin Fisher 'The Way You Used To' (Accapella)
07. Tripmastaz 'Way To Make'
08. Mihai Popoviciu 'To Be Back'
Blakkat 'Job Satisfaction' (Accapella)
10. Ukka 'Cucoo' (Original Mix)
11. Terranova 'Tourette'
12. David August 'Roco Coco'
13. Daniel Stefanik 'Just One Moment'
14. Ben Sims 'Freaks' (KiNK Remix)
15. Roman Flügel 'More & More & More'
16. Jovonn 'Back To House' (Pooley's Dub)
17. Marlow 'Donny' (Raw Beatz Edit)
18. Shlomi Aber 'Outlaws'
19. Steve Lawler 'Kalimba'
Tim Green 'Old Sunshine' (Original)
Plastikman 'Spastik'
20. Technasia 'I Am Somebody' (Original Mix)
Ruffneck featuring Yavahn 'Everybody Be Somebody' (Accapella)
21. Shlomi Aber 'Tel Aviv Garden' (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
22. Octave One 'Dema'
23. Jimpster 'Porchlight And Rocking Chairs' (KiNK Remix)
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