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KOMPAKT 100 (2xCD)
Kompakt CD34

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Kompakt Künstler remixen ihre Lieblingstracks aus dem Kompakt Backkatalog 2004! Incl. Kaito. Scisi 9. The ORB. DJ Koze. Sascha Funke und viele mehr!

Disc 1:

1. The ORB - Ulf Lohmann - because before
2. Thomas / Mayer/ Ulf Lohmann - because
3. Dj Koze / Reinhard voigt - zu dicht dran
4. Sascha Funke / Thomas Fehlmann - radeln
5. The Modernist / Justus Köhncke - weiche zäune
6. Joachim Spieth / M. Mayer - 17 & 4
7. Kaito / superpitcher - tomorrow
8. Wassermann / Reinhard voigt - robson ponte
9. Markus Guentner / Kaito - respect to the distance
10. Dettinger / Closer Musik - one two three no gravity

Dis 2:

1. Markus Guentner / M.Mayer - Pensum
2. Justus Köhncke feat. Meloboy / Freiland - hot love
3. Scsi-9 / Lawrence - teaser
4. Jürgen Paape / Schaeben & Voss - The world is crazy
5. Schaeben & Voss / Schaeben & voss - zu dicht dran
6. Jonas Bering / Dettinger - Intershop
7. Reinhard Voigt / closer Musik - Megamix
8. Matias Aguayo / Leandro Fresco / Leandro Fresco - cera uno
9. Scsi-9 / Superpitcher - Tomorrow
10. Ulf Lohmann / Dettinger - Intershop
11. Hannes Teichmann / Markus Guentner - In Moll

Kompakt artists remixing Kompakt! 21 new, exclusive tracks. "Approaching the magic number 100, we were aware of the fact that we had to come up with a special jubilee edition. And actually, there were two reasons for choosing this format: On the one hand, we didn't want to release just another compilation, but rather make a well thought-out concept record. On the other hand, at times when music is undergoing radical changes, we wanted to seize the opportunity to not only celebrate the label, but also a sustainable vision of techno music. As regards content, the concept was rather easy: Each participating Kompakt artist was asked to choose one title of the previous 99 Kompakt releases and make a remix. The result: 21 amazing, brilliant, sometimes unexpected, but always very inventive tracks, ranging between cosmic, rattling tunes and primetime sawing sounds. So far, this is the most encyclopedic overview of Kompakt's tradition of constantly re-defining the limits of techno music. Apart from these internal formalities, it is more important for us to mention the record's prospective rather than its retrospective view. It is 2004, i.e. 15 years of Techno music. Techno is not a new anymore, but it still is the most up-to-date, thrilling, unpredictable, exciting and best of all music styles on this planet.
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