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Fantastic Voyage

2x12 inch lp
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1. a1: aint nobody here but us chickens (louis jordan)
2. a2: sneaky pete (bull moose jackson)
3. a3: big legs (gene phillips)
4. a4: frettin for some pettin (jesse price)
5. a5: keep a dollar in your pocket (king perry)
6. a6: groovy groove (joe liggins)
7. a7: pasadena rhumboogie (joe lutcher)
8. b1: shes my baby (fats domino)
9. b2: i love you my darlin (joe fritz)
10. b3: jumpin tonight (joe turner)
11. b4: ive got news for you (calvin boze)
12. b5: dont cry baby (jay mcneeley)
13. b6: trouble makin woman (roy hawkins)
14. b7: hey little girl (billy wright)
15. c1: the teaser (the griffin brothers)
16. c2: tenor in the sky (king curtis)
17. c3: ookey ook (the penguins)
18. c4: feel so good (five thrills)
19. c5: craving (the cameos)
20. c6: its love baby (24 hours a day) (louis brooks)
21. c7: fishtail blues (wynonie harris)
22. d1: since you (donna hightower)
23. d2: bom bom lulu (gene and eunice)
24. d3: pass the buck (paul hucklebuck williams)
25. d4: dont drive me baby (lowell fulson)
26. d5: baby, please come home (lloyd price)
27. d6: i aint goin for that (eugene church)
28. d7: baby you dont know (roy milton)

Well, no one can accuse us of rushing things: its been a year since Jump Blues Jamaica Way became the third volume in our Jamaican Sound System Classics series, but here at long last is the fourth instalment. Its Jamaica Jump Blues Time! is another 2LP selection of US jump/shuffle blues recordings, which will be of equal interest to both Jamaican music fans and connoisseurs of classic US rhythm & blues. Since Fantastic Voyage released Jumping The Shuffle Blues back in 2011, each successive volume in the series has been eagerly awaited by lovers of the music, some of whom have even suggested tracks for the consideration of compiler and annotator Phil Etgart.

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2x12 Inch LP
R & B
Ragga Dancehall Reggae
pos. 105
peak pos. 105

Sales Information:

Over the last twelve months Phil has been busy researching what records were favoured by the Jamaican sound systems. This is no easy matter, considering that many had their labels scratched out and were retitled by DJs keen to preserve their “exclusives”, meaning that they were known on the island by their sound system titles. This is the music that provided the inspiration for Ska and all that followed. So enjoy sound system favourites by Louis Jordan, Joe Liggins, King Pleasure, Fats Domino, Louis Prima, Rosco Gordon, T-Bone Walker, Professor Longhair and a host of other names, both famous and obscure. Maybe we’ll do it all over again sometime, but you can’t hurry a good thing!

Track Listing:

Side One:

1. Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens (Louis Jordan)
2. Sneaky Pete (Bull Moose Jackson)
3. Big Legs (Gene Phillips)
4. Frettin’ For Some Pettin’ (Jesse Price)
5. Keep A Dollar In Your Pocket (King Perry)
6. Groovy Groove (Joe Liggins)
7. Pasadena Rhumboogie (Joe Lutcher)

Side Two:

1. She’s My Baby (Fats Domino)
2. I Love You My Darlin’ (Joe Fritz)
3. Jumpin’ Tonight (Joe Turner)
4. I’ve Got News For You (Calvin Boze)
5. Don’t Cry Baby (Jay McNeeley)
6. Trouble Makin’ Woman (Roy Hawkins)
7. Hey Little Girl (Billy Wright)

Side Three:

1. The Teaser (The Griffin Brothers)
2. Tenor In The Sky (King Curtis)
3. Ookey Ook (The Penguins)
4. Feel So Good (Five Thrills)
5. Craving (The Cameos)
6. It’s Love Baby (24 Hours A Day) (Louis Brooks)
7. Fishtail Blues (Wynonie Harris)

Side Four:

1. Since You (Donna Hightower)
2. Bom Bom Lulu (Gene and Eunice)
3. Pass The Buck (Paul Hucklebuck Williams)
4. Don’t Drive Me Baby (Lowell Fulson)
5. Baby, Please Come Home (Lloyd Price)
6. I Ain’t Goin’ For That (Eugene Church)
7. Baby You Don’t Know (Roy Milton)
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