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1. peter reno & barry stoller - sparks
2. syd dale - danger musicians at work
3. clive hicks - drums in transit
4. norrie paramor - theme from new scotland yard
5. francis coppetiers - funky chimes
6. dave richmond - gotta getaway
7. dave richmond - heavy lead
8. reg tilsley - ode to a stone
9. ernest copley - fuel injection
10. brass incorporated - on a bicycle made for three
11. tilsley orchestral - the ratcatchers
12. ernest copley - dynamic patterns
13. david lindup - men of action
14. brass incorporated - come one, come all
15. francis coppetiers - crosstalk
16. the international studio group - high diplomacy
17. syd dale - the hell raisers
18. johnny pearson - product efficiency
19. johnny hawksworth - conveyor belt
20. the international studio group - police five
21. johnny pearson - grand prix
22. david lindup - superformance
23. ernest copley - crossflow
24. johnny hawksworth - workshop

The music on the album is a killer selection of funky, deep, rare, exciting and dancefloor heavyweight spy themes, detective music and thrillers from the 1960s and 1970s. The music spans heavyweight break-beat funk, deep and heavy jazz, super-catchy mod themes, imaginary super-charged orchestral soundtracks and more.

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These tracks are put together from British library music companies (DeWolfe, KPM, Conroy, Amphonic) all of whom supplied music regularly to television and films around the world during this period, often for use in detective and spy programmes, series and films.

Created as work for hire in anticipation of television or film usage, many were never broadcast and have thus remained unheard, stored in the vaults for many years. Other tracks featured were used as incidental or title music in long-forgotten 1960s detective and cult programs.

And whilst the names of the artists and composers featured on this album have remained relatively obscure (Syd Dale, Reg Tilsley, Johnny Pearson, Barry Stoller etc), the music they created is in fact some of the most well known and highly accessible music in the world - due to its widespread usage on these detective and thriller (and many other genre) television shows and films during this period.

In the 1960s and 1970s, these British music libraries used to promote these recordings to television and film productions on limited-run vinyl pressings (usually housed in generic sleeves). Mostly pressed in runs of less than 1000 copies, the best and rarest of these original records are today highly sought after items and included here is a fine selection of some of these rare, collectible and very groovy tracks.

To accompany this unique album, Soul Jazz have also commissioned the creation of a special 60-page graphic novel which features the stunning artwork of the elusive illustrator John C. Patterson in partnership with the celebrated 1960s pulp fiction cult novelist Mark ‘Badly’ Antringham. The graphic novel is set in the imaginary seedy streets of East London in the 1960s in a world full of corrupt police, political intrigue and violent sadistic criminals.

As well as the CD release this album also comes as a heavyweight deluxe gatefold super-loud double vinyl release (with free download code). The graphic novel comes free with the physical release (CD and double vinyl LP) of the album Inner City Beat.

There is also a worldwide digital download release for this Soul Jazz Records release.
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