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A Compilation From 2 Of The Shining Lights On The Nu Disco / Beatdown Scene. Wolf Music & Sleazy Beats Team Up To Bring Us Some Of Their Finest Tracks So Far.. Cd1 Is Compiled & Mixed By That Other Rising Star Cosmic Boogie Aka Stu Robinson. Cd2 Is A Selection Of Full Length 12 Versions Some Forthcoming Stuff. A Superb Look Into The Scene A Must Have
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First there was the Disco revival, then there was the Disco revival, then the whole thing splintered into a million shiny, multifaceted, translucent shards of grooviness (not unlike what happens when you shine a spotlight on a mirror ball).

Thus in 2011, the term 'Disco' has multifarious meanings, it applies differently to multiple scenes and takes in a whole cosmos of sounds linked mainly by a shared love of uplifting, feel good, hedonist tunes and times. One very shiny shiny constellation in this Disco megacosm, belongs to the bright young things over at Wolf Music Recordings, and to the rising stars at Sleazybeats and of course to that guy who is all things Cosmic Boogie.

Individually they bring slightly differing but super significant shades of Discocity to an even bigger 'scene with no name'. Each quickly established themselves as major players on the scene by releasing highly desirable, top quality 12"s, by selling out in stores around the planet and by getting on big name and underground dj lists and charts all over the world wide web. It's a real joy then, to find them pulling tricks on the same project. Here, as a pack, you'll find these wunderkids unstoppable!

Simply unstoppable!

Our three heroes entered the record releasing fray more or less around the same time in 2009, though Stu's lovely Cosmic Boogie web site has been around awhile longer. The market was (and still is) thick with edits; good ones, curious ones and pointless ones, but it's the fact that both Wolf and Sleazybeats push a trackier, more underground club take on the idea that put them at the grownups table right from the start.

The return of midtempo beats, slo-mo grooves and cut-up, shuffle disco in recent years has transformed the current Disco landscape to some extent. By combining original Hip Hop's love of phat beats and Disco samples with House music's pulsing backbone, artists like The Revenge and Mark E have kind of reinvented Disco's beloved 'Morning Music' or 'Sleaze Disco' sound, repositioning it for sweatier slots in more adventurous establishments around the globe.

Certainly more heads get down to the sound than ever before. It’s an edit, but it’s also not, it’s Disco House but deeper, slowed down and refreshed for more discerning dancers. It’s the sound of honey coated time slipping backward into the future. It’s here and in neighbouring states, that you’ll find Wolf Music and Sleazybeats, playing in the sunshine, putting their money behind some very hot talent, and generally showing others how it’s done.

Stuart Robinson’s Cosmic Boogie label is equally glitter fantastic with very fine selections from heavy hitters like Ashley Beedle, Ian Dewhirst & Greg Wilson. Imminent releases suggest the label is only getting started. Stu is a consummate selector with an ear for ‘should be massive’, timeless, re-edit worthy gems, his eclectic tastes have given his label, his own releases and his web site a compelling edge. As a DJ, the man is a veritable fire starter. Could there be a better animal then, chosen to mix his beast laden puppy?
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