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11 track CD Digipack features 4 page. full colour booklet!The sophomore release from Ali Wells new speciality imprint:Submit.A healthy stack of press & promo support
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The sophomore release from Ali Wells’ new specialty imprint Submit, Feral Grind (SUBMIT002) collects tracks from a wide swath of producers who operate at the intersection of techno, drone and DIY electronics. Curated by Wells and music journalist Justin Farrar, the compilation features a balanced assortment of well-established innovators and under-the-radar sound explorers.

The names Pete Swanson, Prostitutes, Burial Hex, Profligate, Bleaching Agent, Hive Mind and Indignant Senility will certainly be familiar to those who keep abreast of the latest developments in cutting-edge electronic music. Over the last several years, these musicians have exerted considerable impact on everything from “technoise” to 21st-century industrial. In the process, they’ve released music on labels as diverse as Spectrum Spools, Type, Diagonal, Not Not Fun, Digitalis, Opal Tapes and Wells’ own Perc Trax.

Feral Grind also spotlights numerous artists not widely known outside of underground-noise circles. Their inclusion is proof of just how extensive and far-reaching the interface between techno and noise has become in recent years: Housefire, from North Carolina, unleashes a multi-layered din of crunchy distortion and shattered groove exploration. Going by the all too appropriate moniker Trogpite, Nick Painter vomits-up cough syrup-drenched horror lurch and caveman groans reminiscent of Dread-era Wolf Eyes. Speaking of which, Wolf Eyes’ very own John Olson specializes in harsh-beat deconstruction under his alias Henry & Hazel Slaughter. Equally blown-out is the relentlessly pulsating work of Philadelphia’s Mincemeat or Tenspeed. Then there’s The David Russell Snake, whose whiplash-inducing productions are a direct reflection of the Cleveland musician’s deep roots in harsh noise and power electronics.
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