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36seitiger Katalog (Book. DINA 5 ) + CD !!

E'DE LOVE - music, love and Cologne. The event-label E'DE COLOGNE, will release it's first CD on the 10th anniversary of the correspondent party series. The release comes along like a techno-bible in jet black and glaring red and documents the history of Colognes electronic music scene between 1999 and now. The who's who of Cologne, is included in this 36 page strong catalogue with photos and musical contributions by TOBIAS THOMAS, MICHAEL MAYER, HANS NIESWANDT, TRIPLE R, JUSTUS KÖHNCKE, ADA, ERIC D. CLARK, THE MODERNIST, ANDRÉ KRAML, PIERRE CHEVALLIER, POPNONAME and STROBOCOP. All linked together like the twelve apostle with a mission of love. The black and white photos of the artists could not be more charismatic. The offset paper literally seems to absorb the pictures, so that it does not have to let them go ever again. Solely the graphic design with it's contrasts in pantone red and the interview text, which works like a play, breaks the stern rhythm of the photo series. The CD, which is included in the cover, is compiled out of nine unreleased tracks which follow the dramaturgy of a E'DE COLOGNE Party. It musically connects Cologne and the Christopher-Street-Day, which began exactly 40 years ago in New York. The CD opens with a ambient dubby intro by newcomer CHEVALLIER, followed by a minimal track from TRIPLE R and a playful disco anthem by NIESWAND. The MODERNIST manages to carry the sounds so typical for him in his „Lost In Music“ track before the 7th track fades in: the legendary seven year old MAYER/THOMAS remix which rocks in the typical Cologne techno manner. Just to say goodbye with the JUSTUS KÖHNCKE and Marianne Rosenberg track „Lieder der Nacht“ with so much love and emotion, that it brings tears into your eyes. Ah and yes, 1 Euro of each sold copy goes to the AIDS- Hilfe Köln. E' DE LOVE: Love can be so beautiful!

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