Various Artists
12" Vinyl UK
Tramp / TRLP9005

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The funk on this compilation is contemporary but the message of funk is as old as humanity itself. Funk as Tramp Records sees it is a vibrant and viable music that was born from a transformative period in American history - the sound of the growing pains of a young country. Contemporary Funk gathers inspired bands from today whose hearts still beat for funks timeless truth. and connects them with this rich legacy of American music. Contemporary Funk assembles bands whose hearts beat for the original. raw soul sound they want to keep alive in its original form. The Sugarman 3. whose former musicians are now members of the famous Dap Kings (of Sharon Jones fame) are included alongside Will Holland (Quantic Soul Orchestra) and Finlands No.1 funk band. The Soul Investigators (of Nicole Willis fame) are all to be found here. However. the main focus of the album is on new bands on the scene such as DeRobert & the Half Truths. The Funk Revolution and the Ben Martin Trio. Original funk music lives on in the 21rst century and Contemporary Funk is a great proof of that.
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