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cd D
!K7 Records / !K7313CD

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Zia / Manifesto Meditations - Intro
Do Make Say Think - I Love You (La La La)
Tweak / Tony Allen - Leroy
Wiley - Numbers In Action (Sticky Remix)
Wookie feat. Lain - Battle

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The Rumors Of Bloc Partys Impending Hiatus Dont Seem To Be Coming To Fruition As Frontman Kele Along With The Rest Of Bloc Party Present The Next Chapter In !k7s Tapes Series.
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Thought you had Bloc Party pegged? Prepare to be surprised. Make that very surprised. The London four-piece have always had an undertow of dance music, something to do with their propulsive rhythm section perhaps, but their Instalment in the !K7 Tapes series, selected and mixed by Kele, is pretty much a full-on danceoor set full of twists and turns. “We always respected dance music,” explains Kele. “It’s where lots of ideas for our songs started. Our rst single, ‘She’s Hearing Voices’, was very much inspired by the image of people dancing. Rhythm and groove has always been important to the band and I wanted to reect that. I guess it’s something that I’m taking further with this mix.” A lot further. The Tapes concept is a mix along the lines of an old school cassette tape, two sides with different moods on each. Kele’s starts in familiar territory and builds towards something altogether new. It’s a love letter to Bloc Party fans, a journey charting the band’s inuences and favorite music. It moves from obscure post rock, through afro beat, building to unashamed dance-oor action in the form of house, garage and electro, then fades into an afterglow of ambient mood music. Exclusive to the mix is Kele’s remix of the Bloc Party track ‘Obscene’, from the band’s ‘The Next Wave Sessions’ EP. The dark and moody original is transformed into a UK bass banger. “I’ve been exploring the idea of remixing other people’s music recently and I’m really enjoying it,” he says. “You can be a lot less precious about things. I turned what is a rather sombre ballad into a jacked-up early ‘90s house track. Remixing is a good way of being creative without getting too attached to something.”
The second half of the mix is dominated by house music, as Kele skillfully turns up the temperature. Kele is keen to stress that embracing dance music whole-heartedly is no fad. He’s thrown himself into DJing. “I think it’s an art form,” he says. “It’s been quite eye-opening, seeing how you can manipulate a crowd by tweaking a mixer. It’s exciting seeing how the similarities in seemingly disparate worlds come together.” He pauses, before adding: “I hope that this mix will illustrate where my fascination with dance music has come from. To me dance music is about transcendence. I think this mix will show it’s not just a passing thing. It’s something that’s always been there and it’s something that I couldn’t live without.”
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