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Forests. lakes. mountains. fjords. archipelagos. glaciers. waterfalls and the occasional geyser – Scandinavia is a place where nature reigns supreme and the Beginners Guide shows how the landscape is the inspiration behind the music s spacious. organic. and often dramatic qualities. Featuring artists from greater Scandinavia – Norway. Sweden. Denmark. Finland. Iceland and the Faroe Islands – the Beginner s Guide to Scandinavia features some of Scandinavia s best-selling and most influential music acts such as Abba s Benny Andersson with his Orkester. the Esbjoern Svensson Trio. Vaerttinae and many more. This compilation is divided into three perspectives – Pop & Contemporary. Folk & Roots and Jazz. Experimental & Atmospheres and it is the first time that these genres of Scandinavian music have been combined on one 3CD set.
Disc: 2

1. Mín Módir [Faroe Islands] [Live]
2. Auringonlunta [Finland]
3. Tuulen Nostatus [Finland]
4. Räven [Sweden/Finland]
5. Päivän Nousu Nostajani [Finland]
6. Myrskylintu [Finland]
7. I Fjol [Finland]
8. Gåta [Norway]
9. Der Stode Tre Skalke [Denmark]
10. Húfan Dýra [Iceland]
11. Mallebrok [Denmark]
12. Samu [Sweden]
13. Korstog [Norway]

Disc: 3

1. Stilla [Sweden]
2. Mårblå [Norway]
3. Bak Vaker Verda [Norway]
4. Judas Bolero [Excerpt] [Sweden/Norway]
5. Fading Sun [Norway]
6. Aallot Ja Äänet [Finland]
7. Heimkoma [Iceland]
8. Sång Från Andra Våningen [Sweden]
9. Vals Til Hans [Norway]
10. From Gargarin s Point Of View [Sweden]
11. High Five [Denmark]
12. Gierran [Finland]
13. Dás Áiggun Cuozzut [Norway/Russia]
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