Various Artists - BALTIC SOUL VOL. 2

Various Artists
12" Vinyl UK
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The sun is shining. waves are gently crashing on the beach. birds are chirping - alls well at our quaint resort on Germanys Baltic coast. And good music in the air. Soulmusic. from Northern to Southern. via Raw. Deep. and Modern. with just a touch of Funk. Disco. Hip Hop. House. and electronic Eclecticism thrown in the mix.
The sun is shining, waves are gently crashing on the beach, birds are chirping - all's well at our quaint resort on Germany's Baltic coast, during this weekend in April. But wait? There's something happening here, what it is, ain't exactly … apparent. Juvenile hipsters and well-aged Soulfreaks mingle happily with holidaying families and silver-haired regulars. A legendary Soul-Diva relaxes next to a notorious Funk-God on a makeshift sundeck, while all around them people laugh and dance: guys with their girls, kids with their mothers, and some men even with their wives. There's good music in the air, Soulmusic, from Northern to Southern, via Raw, Deep, and Modern, with just a touch of Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, House, and electronic Eclecticism thrown in the mix. This fairytale-scenario is now tried and true, ever since 2007, when Dan D. and his crew took over the "Weissenhäuser Strand" for their first "Baltic Soul Weekender". Now in its third year, this singular event has successfully transplanted a British tradition to these shores, inviting a fantastic line-up of Soul-Stars to Germany, many of them for the first time. From singers and instrumentalists like Ann Sexton, Roy Ayers, The Temptations, Omar, Gloria Scott, Alexander O'Neal, The Fatback Band or Marva Whitney, to a host of internationally acclaimed DJs. All of these artists, plus a few thousand fans (and their families) from all over Europe, have made the impossible possible. Like the Dells declared: "They said it couldn't be done, but we did it!" But then again, as a host of soulful song-smiths will gladly tell you: if you have great music, good people, a relaxed and loving mood, and the right place - how could you go wrong? Now, to make a good thing even better, you can take the "Baltic Soul Weekender" home with you, in the form of this compilation, which covers all above mentioned styles, while still flowing like a mighty stream, from the Seventies to the here and now. The only thing you'll have to imagine, are the birds, the waves, the beach and the sun. Well, and maybe the fun-loving people, too … But you can always meet them again. Next year.

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