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When Dial Records started in 2000 with a bunch of friends highly inspired by Deep House. Detroit Techno and Cologne Lovetunes. nobody of them ever thought about running a decent record label. The only concept David Lieske. Peter Kersten and Paul Kominek had in their mind was never to be part of any proper record business. never to be controlled by any rule or trend. always to let the record label be a part of their love for music and arts. Even the Dial Family was never intended growing that big. almost 70 percent of the artists on the first compilation are the same on >2010<. the history starting from a small label based in Hamburg turned out climbing a high mountain. Touching cities like Detroit. Tokyo. Paris. Berlin. Buenos Aires. releasing music like Contemporary Classic. Drones and Glitches. Ambient. Guitar Pop. Singer Songwriter. Deep House. Minimal Techno. discovering arts of protagonists such as Michaela Meise. Sergej Jensen. Dirk Stewen. Hanna Schwarz. Anna Möller. Cosima von Bonin. all this fills a decade of Dial Records. But still the main part is the music and as we hold the 2010 Compilation in our hands and listen to the tunes of Phantom Ghost. Isolée. Pantha Du Prince. Carsten Jost. John Roberts. Efdemin. Lawrence. Christian Naujoks. Dominique. Rndm. Pigon. Kassian- we still have this enthusiastic feeling that wants to tell us: This Is Only The Beginning
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