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2x12 inch lp
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1. gene williams - dont let your love fade away
2. lee harris - i m gonna get your thing
3. tear drops - i m gonna get you
4. louis chachere - the hen part i
5. the fantasticks - cry night and day
6. marva w. taylor - i ve lived the life
7. mini, mini afro twist - the fabulous rhythm makers
8. tony ashley & the delicates - i ll never be satisfied
9. the rayons - you confuse me baby
10. the four darlings - baby you love is amazing
11. lee harris - lookin good
12. marva whitney - daddy dont know about sugar bear
13. gene williams - whatever you do (do it good)
14. everyday people - is it really that bad
15. the rayons - baby be good
16. tony ashley & the delicates - all along i ve loved you
17. lee harris - i ve got to have somebodys love
18. everyday people - super black
19. marva whitney - with fun in my life
20. sharon revoal - reaching for our star
21. marva w. taylor - nothing i d rather be (than your weakness)
22. the four darlings - give me love (lp only)
23. unknown artist - dearest lover (lp only)
24. the fantasticks - live and let live (lp only)
25. the fabulous rhythm makers - ya gotta be doing it (lp only)
26. lee harris - skate boogaloo and karate too (lp only)
27. tear drops - dont fade away (lp only)
28. marva whitney & ellis gripey taylor - we need more (but somebody gotta sacrifice) (lp only)

Numero 047 Eccentric Soul: The Forte Label charts Kansas City yeomans work, the Carpets and the Derbys, dapper clothiers mysteriously murdered, and marriages made and broken. In 28 LP tracks or 21 on CD, plus a trove of promo headshots and every-hued label scans detailing all iterations of Fortes logo in print, this 16th Eccentric Soul sojourn hands over vivid floor shakers and lost dance craze records alike—though what moves The Hen required remains anyones guess.

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2x12 Inch LP
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In 1969, after three years as Soul Sister #1 to James Brown’s touring entourage, Marva Whitney came home to Kansas City, putting Ellis Taylor’s Forte label back at full fighting strength. She’d calmed aching crowds the day after MLK’s death, and she’d lived the life, despite its rigors—to pour out her pain and exuberance on Forte sides including “I’ve Lived The Life” and “Daddy Don’t Know About Sugar Bear,” which made national rounds in 1972.

By then, Forte had already done more than deliver Marvelous Marva to market. Taylor worked overtime at KPRS to bring the world The Rayons, who’d stroll their girl group harmonies past Chicago’s RCA studios on “Baby Be Good.” In ’68, The Four Darlings sauntered in with smoky-voiced soul operatics on the demanding “Give Me Love.” Progressing in the middle ’70s, Everyday People got “Super Black” on Forte’s pine-green label. Still powering forward some 13 years on, Forte redawned with the 1980s, essaying disco funk with Sharon Revoal’s “Reaching for Our Star.”
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