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Bedroom Community
hvalur 13 cd

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1. guard down
2. the crumbling
3. world without ground
4. between monuments
5. guardian at the door
6. erased duet
7. reverse erased
8. big reveal
9. plainsong
10. gone not forgotten

Nice Price Deal !!! The music flows from no >notes< at all to folk-like melody, from acoustic sound to dense digital intervention.

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The parameters of musical possibility are vast on Valgeir Sigurdsson's third LP; Architecture of Loss. The music flows from no "notes" at all to lyrical, folk-like melody, from spare, acoustic sound to dense digital intervention. Originally composed for the same titled ballet by Stephen Petronio. Architecture of Loss is a powerful work in its own right in which Valgeir works from a broad palette of absences. The performers were handpicked from trusted Bedroom Community regulars: in addition to Valgeir himself and composer/keyboardist Nico Muhly, the album features classical violist Nadia Sirota - her sound is as deeply individual and immediately recognizable as the sound of her speaking voice and takes full possession of the notes on the page—and multi- instrumentalist Shahzad Ismaily - a secret weapon of a sideman who excels at exactly the things you can't put down on paper, from solid grooves to scribbles of noise. The resulting piece maintains a structural unity surpassing either of Valgeir's previous, more formally open LPs. While his solo debut Ekvílibríum boasted singers like Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Dawn McCarthy, the voice of that record was unmistakably Valgeir's own. On his second solo disc - the soundtrack to the film Draumalandid - the suite of movements released on disc enjoyed an aesthetic life of its own independent of the finished film. Draumalandid and Ekvílibríum were allowed to develop freely as recording projects whereas Architecure of Loss had to be realized with physical performance in mind, by its players and dancers. This album represents the piece as conceived and reconceived for the stage, and then reconceived again as pure music (the movement "Gone, Not Forgotten," for instance, is exclusive to this recording). Created, pored over and developed: the result is a meticulously designed structure, a sound architecture of musical and physical gestures and stillnesses.
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