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feat. Lustral. Chakra. The Space Brothers. Oxygen. The Realm and Ascension!

Disc: 1 (Original versions)

1. Ascension - For A Lifetime
2. The Space Brothers - Heaven Will Come
3. The Space Brothers - Legacy
4. Chakra - Home
5. Ascension - Someone
6. Chakra - I Am
7. Lamai - Troubled Soul
8. The Space Brothers - Shine
9. Chakra - Love Shines Through
10. Oxygen - Am I On Your Mind

Disc 2: (Chill-out versions ‘Interpretations’)

1. Lustral - For A Lifetime
2. Lustral - Heaven Will Come
3. Lustral - Legacy
4. Lustral - Home
5. Lustral - Kaleidoscope Of Memories
6. Lustral - Someone
7. Lustral - I Am
8. Lustral - Troubled Soul
9. Lustral - Many Years From Now
10. Lustral - Shine
11. Lustral - Love Shines Through
12. Lustral - Am I On Your Mind

Ask any trance expert for a couple of names that have built the foundations of trance music and Lustral will surely be one of them. Lustral, consisting of Ricky Simmonds and Stephen Jones, have been enhancing the trance scene with several beauties of productions under guises such as Lustral, Chakra, The Space Brothers, Oxygen, The Realm and Ascension. Over the last decade they’ve released over 50 records, have had 13 top 40 hits in the UK and were featured on compilations that have sold in amounts of no less than 14 million units worldwide. But besides the recording work, Simmonds & Jones have also been involved with various other projects, that include remixes, collaborations, film and television work. These musical geniuses are one of the most successful dance music duo’s to come out of the UK.

After many years, their tracks are still being remixed, remade and spun in clubs and parties by numerous DJ’s and producers. Lustral are now ready to take another look to the past and combine their rich catalogue with a new set of blissed out mixes. ‘Lustral presents Trance Classics’ is a collection of original versions of their classic tracks on the first CD and chilled, ambient versions of the album on the second CD entitled ‘Interpretations’. Listen and find out what true classics sound like.
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