Unknown Mortal Orchestra
cd D
True Panther / TRUE-050-2 CD

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra (U.M.O.) was conceived as a home recording project by Ruban Nielson after spending years playing and touring in an award-winning New Zealand punk band (on the legendary Flying Nun label). The band broke up after re-locating to Portland. OR and Ruban was ready to move away from his nomadic past. His recordings as U.M.O.. mainly created for his personal amusement. have now taken on a life of their own. Rubans vision of creating junkshop record collector popculminated in the creation of sprawling Beatles-esque guitar melodies over hammered out break-beats. spliced with an individual touch of gentle weirdness. The results deliver a surprisingly unified fusion of several influential elements - classic psychedelic rock. Krautrock rhythms and proto-hip hop beats – all interacting to create a cohesive album. Though the songs were never intended to be performed live. the last six months has seen the project gather pace behind a wave of critical acclaim. A sold-out limited edition EP lead Ruban to construct a live band consisting of skilled producer Jake Portrait on bass and a brilliant teenage drummer named Julien Ehrlich. Having secured a North American label in Fat Possum for their debut full-length release. U.M.O. now finds a home at True Panther Sounds for their releases in the UK. Europe. and Japan
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