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Groovy. tief. edel - zwoelf Tracks zwischen Downbeatanleihen und minimalem House. kitzeln unterschwellig alle Reaktionspunkte ihrer Hooerer. Die Stü..cke drü..cken sich langsam nach vorne und entfalten sich langsam aber unaufhooerlich im Koerper wie eine geheimnisvolle Medizin.
Good music can sometimes be as effective as acupuncture. You just have to find the right point and with a tiny needle, it’s possible to trigger an amazing impact. Tom Clark’s Pressure Points is just such an album, knowing exactly the right places to exert pressure and thereby leading listeners by invisible threads into a truly hypnotic and pleasurable experience. Three years after his last album, Tom Clark now presents his third studio excursion. It has been some time in the making, for there has been a lot to do, but the time has proven well worth it. This is not a club album, as he says, Pressure Points shows something of Clark’s other side, and of his musical background. It is a confident and complex, but perfectly coordinated album that reflects Tom Clark’s artistic development and is orientated to the sound of his DJ sets: Groovy, deep and full of class. Twelve tracks ranging from downbeat journeys into minimal house, pushing at all the right points of its listeners. The tracks move slowly but constantly forward and enter into your body like a subtle herbal medicine. We can hear that Tom Clark is not interested in an immediate and superficial reaction from his dancers. Here he finds a more relaxed and more permanent effect. You don’t have to listen actively, the feeling is automatic. There is no escape. You could call Clark’s Sound melancholic or anxious, and it’s entirely fascinating. Especially in the tracks with Wareika singer Florian Schirmacher, which emphasise the full effect. Pressure Points is a timeless and universal album that will reveal more and more on every listen. This is music that gives its audience exactly what they need.
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