The Upstroke - MAD DOGS HUSTLE

The Upstroke


coloured 12" Vinyl D

Secret Stash / ssrlp267

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In mid 2009 Secret Stash released a collection of Porno soundtrack material from the Fantasy Productions vault. After digging deeper they discovered hours of incredible unreleased music. The first thing to stand out was this soundtrack to a 1974 blaxploitation film entitled Mad Dogs Hustle...
The film was only shown for less than 3 weeks in 6 theaters nationwide before disappearing into a baron wasteland of low-budget, poorly marketed cinema. Within a year Fantasy forfeited the rights to the film in a legal dispute with members of the cast and crew.

Fortunately, the funky soundtrack recorded by The Upstroke (the same band responsible for all of the Porno Groove material) has been salvaged. While staying true to the genre, the overall feel of the album is freer than most with lots of extended jams and improvisation. It features a mix of vocal and instrumental tracks. Also included are short musical cues and long narrations atop deep-funk grooves. This vinyl only release will be available for the first time ever only on white vinyl (“the man” even turned vinyl records white).
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