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Our never-ending quest for the ultimate Holy Grail LP has encountered many precious rarities and sought-after gems on the way. and The Sidewinders >Flatfoot Hustlin< is no exception. Incredibly rare. so much so that itÊs only become known to collectors in recent years. here is another fantastic example of top notch funk n soul from the 70s that would surely be in everybodys record collection ? if only it had been pressed in numbers and properly released!

It was a bitterly cold night in Nova Scotia, Canada (of all places?!) when the Sidewinders got together in an unheated studio for a couple of days to cut Flatfoot Hustlin’ their first and only album. A professional touring band that had been on the circuit for many years, their sound was slick, solid and smooth. The recording was a wrap, a release was imminent - but then things began to go wrong….

Our detailed liner notes from our own exclusive interviews reveal the story behind The Sidewinders and how this album came to be – or not as the case may be! What certainly is the case is that ‘Flatfoot Hustlin’’ is a great-sounding rare funk album chock full of deep soulful moments and full-on fat, funky grooves. Not to be missed!

KEY POINTS · Sharp reissue of super rare funk LP · Original issues are practically impossible to find! · 8 page colour booklet with extensive notes based on our interviews with band members · previously unpublished photographs · Deluxe LP limited to 1500 numbered copies - will NOT be repressed. · LP contains insert with pics, info and notes · RARE and FINE music reissued only with Jazzman – all because WE DIG DEEPER!
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