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Special Nice Price Deal !!! Cut Outs. Patchworks and Rip-Offs delivers dancefloor busters from Junesex. Atomizer. Pink Grease and The Nihilists. hailing the eighties with an S-Express cover and Punx Soundcheck

1. The Nihilists - Summer Deviation (Scandals Fatal Dance Mix)
2. Boy George - Miss Me Blind (The Scandals Miss You Mix)
3. Bruder & Kronstädta feat. Nina Hagen - Punkkaufmann (The Scandals RMX)
4. Junesex - Gets Close To Mine (The Scandals RMX)
5. Atomizer - Hooked On Ball and Chain (The Scandals Mashup)
6. Lola Angst - Am I Dead (The Scandals Gremlins Go To Hell RMX)
7. Beroshima - Crucial (The Scandals RMX)
8. Miss Yetti - Fuck the Glamour (The Scandals RMX)
9. Neonman - Rich Kids (The Scandals RMX)
10. The Scandals - Mantra For A State Of Mind (S-Express cover)
11. Pink Grease - Peaches (The Scandals RMX)
12. Punx Soundcheck feat. Marc Almond - Vanity, Poverty, Revenge (The Scandals RMX)
13. The Scandals feat. Peaches - The Dogma of Music

Finally, after failing protracted licensing negotiations for Track 02, November 2007 sees the censored online release of Berlin based DJ couple The Scandals' debut, Cut Outs, Patchworks and Rip-offs. The title itself, a nod to the fact that the entire album is made up of remixes, could not have turned out more fittingly. For three years now Emma Eclectic und Steve Morell aka The Scandals have been rocking crowds all over Europe. Mixing elements of rock'n'roll, contemporary new wave and electro, their aim is to ensure the crowd in front of them turns into one blurred mass of dancing bodies. Cut Outs, Patchworks and Rip-Offs delivers dancefloor busters from Junesex, Atomizer, Pink Grease and The Nihilists, hailing the eighties with an S-Express cover and Punx Soundcheck feat. Marc Almond, effectively combined with a tang of Punkrock from Neonman and Bruder & Kronstädter feat. Nina Hagen, while Lola Angst, Beroshima and Miss Yetti explore darker realms. As an extra treat, the last track on the album, The Dogma of Music, is an original composition featuring some words of wisdom from Peaches.
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