The James Hunter Six
7" Vinyl US
Daptone / DAP1096

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side
Behold! The dishy new platter from England s finest export since its eponymous Muffin. James Hunter and his cheeky band-o-blokes. the James Hunter Six. is here. Side A features the title track of his brand new SMASH long player. “(Baby) Hold On” - a classic shuffler that delivers an honest blast of raw R&B the way it s meant to be done. Flip the little bugger over and rejoice to a classic Hunter cut that. much to the chagrin of low-rider and rocksteady DJs alike. has eluded the 45 format. TILL NOW! Rerecorded during the sessions for Hold On!. “Carina” now possesses a more relaxed. classic rocksteady feel. Coupled with gorgeously simple background vocals and James pleading lead - this tune now boasts a truly dizzying level of emotional intelligence. If you don t like this song. you re an emotionally bankrupt soul. deaf to beautiful things.
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