The Inversions
7" Vinyl US
Daptone Records / dap1062

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Remember that Tropical delight of a B side. These Lonely Nights. from that dynamically dynamite Bob & Gene picture sleeve 45? Well. its BACK!
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Remember that Tropical delight of a B side, "These Lonely Nights", from that dynamically dynamite Bob & Gene picture sleeve 45? Well, it's BACK! This time with a little love from producer extraordinaire, part time Dap-King ringer, and full time Antibalas compatriot, Victor Axelrod (AKA Ticklah) - with a little help from his Kingston trio, The Inversions. Presenting: Bob & Gene featuring The Inversions "I Can't Stand These Lonely Nights" b/w "Rub the Lamp". The A-Side has the same sweet and soulful vocals as the original "Lonely Nights", but this time with enough bounce and sunshine to make you feel like you're drinking out of a coconut on desert Island, with nothing but your favorite records and a Toucan named Duncan whose only joy in life is to fetch you delicious treats from the surrounding trees. Can you dig that Cool Breeze? What you'll nd on the ip of this 7inch pleasure cruise is The Inversions throwing down some serious musical heat with their interpretation of "ICSTLN". But don't let the title fool you, these boys don't need a wish from a Genie to get people on their feet.
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