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1. somewhere finally ft. sulene fleming (radio edit)
2. up yours
3. mushroom strut

Never really comfortable with tightly defined and rigid musical pigeon holes, The Fantastics! have always been pushing the boundaries and honing their musical eclecticism since before their first Freestyle releases back in 2008. As a primer for their second Freestyle long player >All The People< (FSRCD/LP091) which will see release August 2011, the band present this brand new three track 12 inch single which only hints at the incredible range of sounds, genres and styles that they forge into their own particular and highly individualistic approach that looks backwards, forwards and up and down at the same time..
Teaming up with stunning vocalist Sulene Fleming, on the recommendation of DJ, promotor and all round musical guru Lubi Jovanovich, the band set to writing with Sulene (who first came to attention on The New Mastersounds first album, with the funk club banger Turn This Thing Around ) and the results speak for themselves!

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'Somewhere Finally' is a concise, catchy and beautiful summer love song, that's dripping with deep soul, horn hook lines, Sulenes' soaring vocals and a shimmering vibe that has already seen this track become a highlight of The Fantastics! live shows, and will without doubt become the soundtrack to many peoples lives over the summer of this year.

'Up Yours' lets the band invoke the feel of, at first, something akin to a gritty N'Orleans groove, that then after a short breather launches itself at your ears with a gumbo style 'second line' audio assualt where Dr Lonnie Smith style organ riffs fight with multiple horns, percussion and almost certainly a kitchen sink, on a toe tapping, hand clapping, leg breaking blues buster which is not on the forthcoming album and it is totally exclusive to this single!

And on the flip side of this varied platter comes 'Mushroom Strut' which provided the band the opportunity to blend together their favourite influences into something that defies classification: is it disco, soul-jazz, fusion or organ funk? Well - it's all that and more..and just like the album it's taken from - this busts wide open the rigidly defined and often claustrophobic boundaries some people would prefer music to be trapped in. That approach is not for The Fantastics!
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