Tamba Trio - AVANCO

Tamba Trio
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This is the second in our series of classic and groundbreaking Brazilian albums from the early 1960s.This is a bespoke digitally remastered. high quality box-edition CD of the seminal Bossa Jazz debut album by Tamba Trio. with exact-reproduction artwork of the original album. never before released outside Brazil.There is a very collectable limited edition (1000 worldwide). exact-repro vinyl edition with hardback American-pressed sleeve and heavyweight 180-gram vinyl (which is the bomb!).The Tamba Trio were one of the most important musical groups to emerge out of the Bossa Nova movement in Brazil in the 1960s.The group released this. their debut album. Avanço. in 1963 on Philips Brazil.Led by the young genius pianist. arranger and composer Luiz Eça. and formed in Rio de Janeiro in 1963. the Tamba Trio became the central group at the legendary Bottles Bar - home of the Bossa Nova in Beco das Garrafas - where they played alongside the many stars of the day such as Elis Regina. Carlos Lyra. Nara Leão and Edu Lobo.The groups unique and highly distinctive bossa jazz and vocals style was to prove highly influential in the development of boss nova. never more so than on their amazing original version ofMas Que Nada. written by Jorge Ben and featured here.
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