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12 inch lp
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1. 4 my holiks
2. 5 o clock suff ft. miles bonny
3. i need a break
4. oh bebe ft fleur earth
5. housey
6. jimmy jazz ft. jim dunloop
7. worst case scenario
8. deep shit ft. mar
9. vienna
10. hospital
11. konnopke
12. feeling fly ft. mariama
13. ?zdemir

>The Gin Diaries< are about beats, love and Tanqueray. Suff Daddy is a gentleman who knows about the good life: Jamaican Kush, rare soul records and beautiful women make his day. And Suff Deezy aint no greedy man. On his new record, he shares his music with friends like Miles Bonny, Fleur Earth, Mariama, Mar and Jim Dunloop. We call >The Gin Diaries< a beat novel, consisting of 13 musical short stories. Some have lyrics and some have not but they are all snaphots of the life of Suff Daddy.

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12 Inch LP
Deutsch Hip Hop
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"Özdemir" speaks about Suff's penchant for Turkish breaks, "Vienna" reflects on a recent trip to Vienna and "Konnopke" is giving props to the best currywurst in Berlin. Whereas the songs with Miles, Fleur, Mariama and Mar deal with love, despair and everything in between.

How "The Gin Diaries" came about: Right after the release of "Suff Draft" (Suff's contribution to the Hi-Hat Club series) we started to work on a follow-up to "EFIL4FFUS" (his EP with Odissee, Kissey Asplund and Miles Bonny). Suff's harddrive was already filled up with beats, layouts and songs so we said, who's gonna rap on it? We made a list of our favourite MCs and counted our money. But then we asked ourselves, who needs another album from a European beatmaker that features the usual indie rappers from the US? Buying 16 bars from MySpace-friends is so 2008 and rarely makes great art.
Luckily we are surrounded by many talented singers in the extended MPM fam, so Suff decided to work only with artists on this album, with whom he has actually shared a Pilsette and spliff in real life. An effort that has paid off, if you listen to "The Gin Diaries". Prost!
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