Styly Cee & Cappo - FALLOUT

Styly Cee & Cappo
2x12" Vinyl lp UK
Son Records / son050

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Deluxe collectors edition of the album. limited to 200 copies. High-quality pressing on premium vinyl. 14 tracks: includes bonus track >Reach Out< not featured on CD version of album. Sleeved in individually spray-painted sleeve: every copy unique. Sealed. stickered. stamped & numbered. Signed by Styly Cee & Cappo. Includes liner notes by Ringo P Stacey. Comes in heavy-duty PVC protective sleeve.

This is a big release for us here at Son Records. Since the heady days of 1999, when we first released Cappo’s debut EP, (the Cap 3000 EP) we’ve always seen the pairing of him and Son’s production powerhouse, Styly Cee as having explosive potential. Over the years, while each of them individually has powered ahead building their own towering musical legacies, they’ve worked together at different times, with the fruits of such collaborations never being anything less than highest-calibre heavyweight hip-hop.

However the truly heavy ordinance was kept in reserve until just over a couple of years ago when in late 2008 they dropped the H-Bomb EP, hailed by many as one of the landmark homegrown releases of recent years with its potent fusion of hectic, Bomb Squad-esque production and precision-engineered weapons-grade lyrics.

Now for Son’s landmark 50th release, in our 13th year, we are proud to bring you The Fallout.

The album was started in the immediate aftermath of the H-Bomb EP and takes the alchemical formula employed on that release to create a whole new science of devasation: wholly fulfilling the explosive potential apparent all those years ago, in 2011 the nuclear fusion of Styly’s heavy elemental production and Cappo’s super-dense isotope flows is now yielding levels of energy of previously unimaginable magnitude..

From opener ‘Throwdown’ to the grand finale of epic closing track ‘Volition’ be prepared for 100% speaker-shaking brain-rattling visceral hip-hop crafted by two of the genre’s leading innovators and perfectionists giving it their all in the search for hip-hop gold.

The time is now: prepare for The Fallout.
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