Stro Elliot
Street Corner Music / SCM113

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Stro Elliot is an incredible producer and performer. Plain and simple. His productions mold the past and the present into futuristic soul splashed gems that turn heads whenever they are heard. His ability to breathe new life into already classic records is one of the reasons he is one of the most respected producers of the day. From The Summer Love Song. where he beats the shit out of Kool and the Gangs perrenial classic Summer Madness. to the absolutely ridiculous flip of Soul II Stro. to Virginia Wolf. where he sings about relationship woes. its all flawless. Street Corner Music is proud to present the debut LP from one of the best to do it. Boiler Room Performance: Stro Elliots set was the one. A blend of classic hip hop and soul samples mixed with live new beats taking you back. while wrenching you into 2016 at the same time.
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