2x12" Vinyl D
Ostgut Ton / Ostgut LP 27

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Steffi occupies a unique space in the realm of contemporary electronic music. Although she s a world renowned DJ. Steffi s musical interests reach far beyond the dancefloor. and it s her work as a producer that has established an impressive. hard-won legacy. Soon after moving to Berlin in 2007. Steffi joined Ostgut. becoming a resident at Panorama Bar and releasing on the club s label. To date she s released five albums. including two solo for Ostgut Ton. a co-production with Virginia. another with Analogue Cops as Third Side and a collaboration as Doms & Deykers on Martyn s 3024 label. Her impressive discography features club classics like “ Yours feat. Virginia” . carefully chosen remixes and appearances on labels including Permanent Vacation. Underground Quality and mixes for Panorama Bar and fabric. She owns and operates four labels: Klakson (with Dexter). Dolly. Dolly Deluxe and Dolly Dubs. World Of The Waking State is Steffi s third solo album for Ostgut Ton and a musical departure for both her and the label. It s also a serious statement of intent. Over ten tracks she embarks on entirely new electronic terrain for her productions. marking industrial spaces with superlunary warmth while exercising a refined knowledge of polyphony and arrangement. Subdued melodies interact with each other over implied harmonies and microcosmic drum patterns. luring us into a world that is introverted. bewildering and gratifying all at once.
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