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Stabil Elite is a young band from Düsseldorf. In the last three years. Lucas Croon. Nikolai Szymanski and Martin Sonnensberger have created a cosmos of driving bass lines. danceable rhythms. floating pads and shimmering electric guitars. Using repetitive lyrics with double meanings. analogue synths and icy cold clackering computers. they revive Krautrock and the avant-garde moments of the German New Wave. After compilation contributions to the Düsseldof DIY label Themes for Great Cities and the American Mathematics label. run by Jamal Moss. the boys from the Rhineland now celebrate their debut with the Gold Ep. and offer a preview of the band s first album. due in September 2011. For Gold. the Paris-based fashion photographer Kíra Bunse shot a music video on Super 8. which very authentically shows the band in their Düsseldorf environment. Recently Stabil Elite (among other artists) were photographed by Andreas Gursky for the Salon des Amateurs feature in Groove magazine and were also part of the DE:BUG cover story on Düsseldorf in the October 2010 issue. Stabil Elite take their band name from the German television film Das Millionenspiel from 1970 by Tom Toelle. for which Irmin Schmidt of CAN wrote the music. Also involved in Gold as a drummer and additional producer is Jan Philipp Janzen (Von Spar) and. as a guest musician. Jörg Burger (The Modernis
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