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André Wittmann’s debut album under the moniker Spur was made with both the body and the mind in order to indulge in an odd but somehow familiar “dance of cultures” as the young Lübeck-based Bavarian calls it himself. Limited white vinyl 2x12 LP in PVC cover with downloadcode included.

“I find it disturbing to see how all those fields of music are still strictly separated until this day. I’d rather see them all combined", he explains the idea behind “Nowhereland” which compiles a selection of the best cuts out of 20 to 30 compositions Spur perfected them during a month-long stay in Ghent in early 2014. On “Nowhereland", semingly odd time signatures form the backbone of what are essentially club-orientated tracks. Spur, who started playing drums as child, took to other instruments like guitar, marimba, violin and piano and whose influences range from Hip Hop to Stravinsky and Flamenco or Gamelan, approaches songwriting both theoretically and intuitively. “I aim at putting the mind and the body in motion", he sums up the idea behind the uniquely odd but somehow familiar “Nowhereland".
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