Sound Of The City Experience - SOUND OF THE CITY EXPERIENCE

Sound Of The City Experience
12" Vinyl lp UK
Jazzman / jmanlp061

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One of the eternal issues of record collecting is the question of how good records actually become rare. Perhaps the record company goes bust. Perhaps the label is busy pushing some lame pop act on the roster. leaving the good stuff to rot. Maybe the band splits up just before the release. Less frequent than any of these is this: perhaps the record wasnt supposed to sell in the first place. As strange as it seems. that was exactly the case with this album. the Sounds of the City Experience.
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In our Holy Grail reissue of the highly-sought after Sounds of the City Experience LP on notorious tax-scam label Tiger Lilly, we interview the producer Mario Sprouse and find out exactly why this album is so rare. We discover and disclose the story behind the band and why they made these high-quality recordings which were never intended for release. Discover all this in our detailed liner notes, along with previously unseen pictures of the band in action.

Soul and funk from the early ‘70s from this multi-racial band out of the Bronx. These guys played for fun, understanding and mutual respect – no pressure from the record company to make a hit record = positive vibes and freedom. And it shows!

· All tracks fully licensed and digitally restored from the original master tapes
· Comprehensive liner notes from our interviews direct from the musicians involved
· CD with 16 page colour booklet with previously unseen photos AND 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks
· Otherwise only available as a super rare $1500 LP!
· 1000 only vinyl LP pressing, individually numbered and with liner notes included inside
· Only on Jazzman – all because WE DIG DEEPER!


1. Getting Down
2. Through No Fault of Our Own
3. It's So Wonderful Baby / Gina
4. Come On and Stay With Me
5. Stuff n Thing
6. Keep On Keepin On
7. Babylon
8. Reality
9. Judgement Day
10. My People
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