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Manchester based lyricist/producer SKITTLES has been making tidal waves in world music over the past 12 months both in the studio and on the stage. Estate Recording return with a long awaited album that will be remembered for a long time to come. Skittles Poor with £100 trainers does not follow suit and does not conform to any category or genre. His hard hitting razor sharp delivery makes it impossible for you not to relate as he explains some unheard views of the world over a wide range of sounds that unfortunately. (due to him not really singing) will be referred to as hip-hop. Imagine a piece of classical music. put it in a blender and add some reggae/ska to it. throw a load of broken instruments in the mix and a few proper cold rappers. sprinkle in some grime an a vinyl.add a bit of pop an pulse until smooth. an you will have nothing like what this album is. If theres nothing for you on this album. youre a dick! Production duties are taken care of by SKITTLES himself along with few collaborations with the likes of DUB PHIZIX. DRS and CHIMPO. features come from man like MR FOX (fresh from his cameo on the ZED BIAS & OMAR damage
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