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Mordant Music present a chronological coMpendiuM comprising all the Shackleton-related releases. a clutch of previously disabled titles. including the voluble El Din (part two) and the recent etched 10inch The Hauntological Song by MM… this sullied selection bookends a swill of Shackleton activity that coMMenced with his deft inaugural Stalker 7 inch right through to the signature bass mor assof the dual mix of Vindicatrixs Private Places with MM…Shackleton cut his dubplate teeth at Mordant Music and subsequently gnashed his way through the low-end arena with Skull Disco and a myriad swollen live shows… hes also prone to losing the oddpushbike… Baron Mordant. who occasionally falls from the loft. has come off the bench once in a while to duel with Shackletons rattle…tracks like Olde Wobbly & Hummdrumm have pursued a convex path that has attempted to draw ears away from a sometimes suffocating norm…win or lose MM never lose…a bludgeoning fanfare goes out to Sam for remaining Shackleton oer the years and providing the bones… Mordant Music would also like to thank Skull Disco quill Zeke Clough for spewing up all o er the MMlogo and all the balmy spores who continue to dig deep…apprecii
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