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1. secret cinema - exploration
2. secret cinema - smooth talc
3. secret cinema and ramon tapia - crystal system
4. secret cinema - turqoise
5. secret cinema - calcite night
6. secret cinema and kalden bess aka m0h - mohs scale
7. secret cinema - star sapphire
8. secret cinema - smoky quartz
9. secret cinema and egbert - topaz
10. secret cinema - caught in amber
11. secret cinema - interlude - passage
12. secret cinema and cosima - ruby fm
13. secret cinema & mental youth - moving earth part 1: separating
14. secret cinema & mental youth - moving earth part 2: colliding composing elements
15. secret cinema & mental youth - composing elements part 1: forming
16. secret cinema & mental youth - composing elements part 2: mining
17. secret cinema & mental youth - composing elements part 3: molding

The tracks on Secret Cinema’s new album Minerals, are inspired by the hardness, color and material of various minerals. CD1 consists of dance floor hammering tech-house and techno as we have come to expect from Secret Cinema. With contributions from Ramon Tapia, Egbert and m0h, timeless gems are guaranteed once again! Alongside these floor friendly tracks are some more abstract jams. All is woven together in a powerful continuous mix on CD (with download voucher for single tracks) and all tracks are available separately on vinyl and download. The Second CD is an ambient mix consisting of the sounds that form the base of the tracks on CD1, mixed with bizarre instruments, tuning forks and other sounds. Dirk-Jan Hanegraaff and Robert Kroos also known as Mental Youth, collaborated with Verheij on this creation. Perfect for relaxation after the party on CD1. Some say this could be some of the best work from one of the Netherland’s top techno producers of the past 18 years!

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