Schaeufler & Zovsky - The Village

Schaeufler & Zovsky

The Village (CD)

cd D


Front View : Schaeufler & Zovsky - The Village (CD) - 3000 GRAD RECORDS CD 02
Back View : Schaeufler & Zovsky - The Village (CD) - 3000 GRAD RECORDS CD 02

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Snugness and calmness are important ingredients for a fulfilled life- and for entertaining dance music as well, as is proven by the gentlemen Schaeufler and Zovsky. Their debut album could be characterized as a cunning mixture of humorously grinning relaxation and pushing dance floor bounce. This unique sound reflects the stylistic background of the duo: While the one keeps grooving on the laid back and independent vibe of his rural home Mecklenburg, the other moved to Berlin already some time ago and inhales all the diverse, international influences of the electronic metropolis. The Village is rhythmically fuelled by casual and lasciviously House tunes with a warm and friendly character, supported by organic, dubby bass lines. Matching this positive and uplifting mood, light melodies, classical styled filter modulations and unobtrusive vocal entries remind the laid-back amusement of a sunlit Sunday outing.

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