Sagittarius A - OMEGA POINT

Sagittarius A



No. / No.903

Front View : Sagittarius A - OMEGA POINT (MATERIAL OBJECT REMIX) - No. / No.903
Back View : Sagittarius A - OMEGA POINT (MATERIAL OBJECT REMIX) - No. / No.903

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Deluxe custom sleeve (450 copies), pressing on 180 gram vinyl. No. proudly presents its second 12 inch release, under catalogue number No. 903. The EPs main title *Omega Point* can be described as a blend of stripped down techno/acid and deep ambient textures, and provides full dancefloor functionality while remaining in a sphere of its own. On the flipside, Material Object is on remix duty providing a psychedelic wave of synthesiser and machine madness which completes the overall image of this production and makes it another true No. gem.

Sagittarius A is a bright and very compact astronomical radio source at the center of the Milky Way, near the border of the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius. It is part of a larger astronomical feature also known as Sagittarius A. Sagittarius A is also believed to be the location of a supermassive black hole. As a consequence, the artist behind Sagittarius A's "Omega Point EP", wishes to remain anonymous. [info from label]
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