2x12" Vinyllp D
Ample Soul / as045-1

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This album from Wu Tangs RZA is a mix of cinematic instrumental hip hop. rap. and urban soul. RZAs love of kung fu movies and hip hop along with his experience with soundtracks made him a perfect choice for this project. The soundtrack to the hit original anime film starring the voice of Samuel L. Jackson. this is loaded with big name guests including Q Tip. Talib Kweli. Big Daddy Kane. Free Murder. Wu Tangs GZA. and more. Several tracks include snippets of dialoque and sound effects taken from the film. Fans of RZAs Ghost Dog soundtrack will dig the instrumentals. fans of Wu Tang will dig the rap tracks. while fans of urban soul tracks featuring Stone Mecca will appeal to fans of DJ Spinna. Bilal and the like. 20 tracks in total including interludes. opening and closing themes.
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