Rjd2 - 2002-2010

2002-2010 (LIM.ED.)(6X12)
6x12" Vinyl box D
RJs Electrical Connections / rjec008lp

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side

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1000 pc. limited edition box set includes: - Deadringer LP - The Horror EP (1st Vinyl Pressing) - Since We Last Spoke LP - Tin Foil Hat EP (7 previously unrealeased songs!) - Hand Silk Screened Poster (autographed and numbered!) Plus comprehensive download card including all mp3s
The RJD2 Box Set to end all RJD2 Box Sets. Forever! Rjd2 - “2002-2010″ is a limited edition box set we decided to do as a special thing for the re-release of these albums. It includes the first 3 Rjd2 records-Dead Ringer, Since We Last Spoke, and The Horror EP (which was never pressed on vinyl). It also includes a 7-song EP of completely unreleased material spanning the era of these records, as well as a hand silk screened poster that is signed and numbered. To boot, a download card with a link to exclusive material, photos, mp3s for all the material, and more. Lastly, the actual box set is a beautiful piece in and of itself, the artwork being a collage of all FIVE Rjd2 album covers, including the soon-to-be-released new album! It is constructed with extra space, so one can include both “The Third Hand” as well as the new album, once its released.
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