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Recent Arts is a duo formed by Chilean visual artist Valentina Berthelon and German musician Tobias Freund. Together they present live audio-visual shows ranging from experimental improvisations to works that are more aligned with the global electronic music club scene.
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Recent Arts manipulate sound and image in real time during their stage shows. The music is created and performed by means of an application based on Max/MSP. This application has been developed by Max Loderbauer and Tom Thiel, and finalized based on ideas by Tobias Freund. It is a “Loop Based Computer Controlled Engine” that repeats and processes sounds in a free and natural way - which feels like listening to the flowing water of a creek, or to the sound of the wind. Repetitions are constantly being modulated, no patterns are the same. In addition, the musical structure is combined with a full range of analog synthesis to achieve a wide spectrum of frequencies.
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