RAW FRUIT VOL.3-4 (2X12 LP + MP3)
RAW FRUIT VOL.3-4 (2X12 LP + MP3)


Ras G


RAW FRUIT VOL.3-4 (2X12 LP + MP3)


2x12 inch lp
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1. a1: hear u (mpc 2000xl)
2. a2: wulu riddim (mpc 2000xl)
3. a3: 2 kushy (mpc 2000xl)
4. a4: rawkn (sp 303)
5. a5: foreign language (sp 303)
6. a6: keep it crev (mpc 2000xl) ft. giovanni marks
7. a7: tomita kush (mpc 2000xl)
8. a8: rap life interlude (sp 303)
9. b1: lovin... (mpc 2000xl)
10. b2: t.v. party (sp 404)
11. b3: fa shiro (mpc 2000xl)
12. b4: _g iz us 7 (mpc 2000xl)
13. b5: walk with me (sp 303) ft. khaill sadiq
14. b6: ice... (sp 404)
15. b7: spaceship on cruise control (mpc 2000xl)
16. b8: bruce leroy glow ft. the koreatown oddity
17. b9: south central matrix (demo version) ft. khaill sadiq
18. c1: black daffis revenge ft. jeremiah jae
19. c2: $2 cup of water
20. c3: da hipster hummus
21. c4: shirofacekillah
22. c5: stoney o hara
23. c6: $10 coffe cake
24. c7: james is the father
25. c8: spacebase identification ft. khaill sadiq
26. d1: vegan soul food
27. d2: lincoln 2 step (tej 2 the head)
28. d3: got (gear games)
29. d4: biscuit tease...
30. d5: thehomiegotherincheck
31. d6: what would paul mooney say?
32. d7: the green one ft. kahil sadiq

The prolific producer currently has two albums on Brainfeeder, two released by Poo-Bah, and several on Leaving Records, including the beat tape series Raw Fruit. As with Volumes 1&2 in April of last year, Volumes 3&4 have been combined into a double LP for release this November. The double vinyl includes a download code.

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2x12 Inch LP
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