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Greta Cottage Woodpile / GCWP02

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Greta Cottage Woodpile delivers a fully-fledged immersive trip. to be experienced when the lights hang low and the atmosphere is heavy. Static logistically forms adjacent to honing modulating honk. a syphoning filter shimmers flexing the frequencies and delivering powerful teeth clenching arid soundscapes. Raica applies an industrious ethic. spawning with repeated fuzz among metallic stringent rasps. a plunging side attack from brutally thudding booms resonating to great rapport. Getting extracted to the chasm of pondering thought we behold a constant amalgamation of rigorous funk. assimilating and deluded in hypnotic home brewed fare. Rustic bump charms alongside furious stabs of crunched claps and piercing hats. syncopation provides a worthy opponent for Chloes harrowing way of challenging her own painstaking foray into darkness & light. Building an otherworldly series of seemingly freshly painted vibrant canvases. being molded by natural accumulating permissions. the performance becomes synthetically triumphant. and mystically bound in shrouds of contemplating rigour. All a bit weird. but strangely lovely at the same time. Thanks Raica. Every CD and Sleeve individually hand marked. The stamp used was designed by the girl behind the controls. Chloe Harris
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