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Having introduced Puresque in November with the exceptional Vor Leitmotiv EP and premiere Im Keller party – litterally in the basement. Tresor Records launch into 2012 with the duos first long player in this rejuvenated and forward-thinking phase of the label.
On meeting in 2010, with Michael Kunz (Mocca) initially approaching Paul Brtschitsch for production assistance, it was in the studio working on a track of Michael’s that their arrangement soon blossomed into a partnership – one transcending two generations of electronic music, united by experimentation and grounded in a fiercely analogue philosophy of sound. Though admittedly entered into with no end-goal in sight, the Puresque project developed over the course of a year with no stylistic loyalties, but rather a focus on creating music with warmth and suspense. A richly textured; rough and yet soulful breed of techno emerged to become Puresque’s sonic signature.
As DJs, mindful of their audience and discontent with the current Berlin club scene – where both are based, they first approached Tresor simply with a party proposal. Coupled with an eight-track demo of theirs – “just to show them the sound concept”, as Paul reflects – Puresque were cordially welcomed into the family, as new residents and roster artists. Leitmotiv is the result, representing an assemblage of meticulously analogue-crafted and club-tested works from the pair that transmits all the sculpture and narrative of their sets over a versatile full-length record.
Here Puresques splay of influences comes to the fore, materialising in an album that is informed whilst questioning the conformities of its techno heritage. Balancing some of the more experimental pieces like “Einlauf” and “Tatort” with straighter dance material, including the now anthemic “001A”, or the incendiary “Säbelrasseln” and “Grenzwolf”, Leitmotiv straddles both floor and listening contexts, appealing at once to DJs, lovers and aficionados of sound alike.
Leitmotiv is a dexterous and engaging display of electronic craftsmanship from an intelligent production outfit, and merited addition to Tresor’s respected discography. In their own words “Puresque intend upon cultivating an up-tempo and dirty sound culture that is anything but digital—analogue sound for analogue people.”
Kirk DeGiorgio – “Will deffo get some club and podcast plays… nice work!”
Mark Broom – “Like Salamander and Leitmotiv! Will get good use out of the whole album! A strong debut.”
DVS1 – “Nice selection of tracks with Salamander def the best for me! Support! Thanks!”
Paul Woolford – “Tresor is such an institution and it’s great to see them re-emerging so strongly. I’ll be playing ‘Im Keller’ for sure. Thanks.”
Norman Nodge – “Proper techno-tracks, Will play some tracks of this promising album. Liking Im Keller on first check.” Vince Watson – “Im Keller and Sabelrasseln are simply superb!”
Alan Fitzpatrick – “Great collection of works from Puresque! Will be using Leitmotiv for sure!”
Gary Beck – “Very nice sounding ep indeed! Will listen further but at the moment i LOVE Im Keller.”
Arnaud Le Texier – “Really nice techno!!! Will play some of them straight away ☺ Starting with Parafin. Thanks.”
Alexander Kowalski – “Cool dry oldschool techno. Good to hear stuff like that on Tresor again!”
Troy Pierce – “Wow. A lot of cool tracks here from Puresque, Parafin & Leitmotiv are immediately standing out. Strong.”
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