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Duo of the moment is called Psylocity!! Made of Duniz and Henrixx. this German team with a clear round since 2001 had only released until now one EP and a handful of tracks on Psi49net. Distilling in homoeopathic doses a very efficient electro for dancefloors. they re back in a long format for their very first album (and actually the first album on the label not to be written by Anthony Rother). An a priori perilous exercise but the crew comes out of it more than honorably and highly recommended : shady. pernicious. crazy. -Klang Der Machinen- offers at last in height tunes (ten on cd) a total immersion on sound universe of these wild punks feed with industrial. hip-hop and new wave influences. From mental -Spy- (to compare with Steve Poindexter s -Work that motha fucker-). to old school aggressive -Machine-. schizophrenic -Alien- (with that phat use of vocals) or deep melodic -For the floor-. this opus puts its authors personality forward and passes in review electro genres in a surprising homogeneity. Grade A to -Echoes in my head-. a merciless killer track with fearsome trip-hop break and hypnotic lyrics.
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