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Physics returns to Influenza with a full length album for your dancing and listening pleasure.

Producer/DJ Glenn Grip, better known to headz as Physics doesn't need much of an introduction to those who follow drum & bass. He has released his trademark sound on labels like Metalheadz (Goldie) ,Secret Operations (Seba), Blindside, Fokuz, Jerona Fruits, Phuzion, Planet Funk and many more labels.

He started producing in the late 90s and soon after released his first 12". Physics music has been supported by international DJs such as LTJ Bukem, Goldie, DJ Storm, Nookie, Marcus Intalex, Marky&XRS, D-Bridge, Randall, Bryan Gee, Seba, Makoto, Phil Source Direct, and many more. Being a busy DJ he constantly tours diffrent parts of the world bringing his unique take on the global sound of drum & bass to the party.
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