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Crafted between the years 2000-2008. *Immerse* is a massive selection of some of the finest deep pulsating dark ambient tracks that we have ever heard. Together they create a journey through depth and darkness with a gripping emotional hook that almost stand unprecedented.

This is how Periskop described the advent of these enthralling pieces of music in a recent conversation:
'Immerse' is partly the subtle deep repetitive pulsations of the early dub techno scene and partly the dark ritual emotional/cathartic approach of the industrial soundscape movement of the 80s and 90s. I was compelled to combine the two approaches in a personal space or sound to overcome states of alienation and emptiness. The layer-on-layer compositions are a result of more or less meditative explorations of these states in symbiosis with the music making equipment. Some of the sounds are field recordings and vocals/voices/breathing and some of them are synths and sampled drum machines, but I have tried to blur the line between the two types of sources to avoid too many references to existing music or phenomena from normal human experiences.'
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