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Mood Music / MoodCD012

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Nice collaboration with Nils Penner & John Muder on Mood Music Label!
Nils Penner and John Muder produced their first 4-Track Demo CD in August 2007. Produced in the Suol Studios in East-Berlin for fun rather than with a full-blown business plan, Sasse signed 2 tracks of this demo for his Moodmusic imprint. „Are You Lost“ became Penner+Muders first vinyl 12“ release. It got great reactions from the dj community and the Bside „Millenium Falcon“ was picked by electro-maestro Oliver Huntemann himself for his Mix Compilation „Play 02! Live at Rex / Paris“. At this time John and Nils made the decision to only play Live sets so the duo could concentrate fully on their own sound, rather than taking a line at the end of the ever-growing dj list. The first gig became quite a kick-off. It happened at a Moodmusic showcase at the well-known Panorama Bar in Berlin late summer 2008 and the feedback was none less than stellar. One good thing lead to another and gigs happened at Watergate, Berlin and Baalsaal, Hamburg with more planned for the spring/summer 2010. Release-wise the guys kept it slow and focussed on quality than quantity. Working from two cities (Hamburg and Berlin) with rather short studio-time it almost took one year before the second EP „No Nose Knows“ hit the stores. Meanwhile the duo has also remixed for Moodmusic, Oliver Koletzki´s XXX label and Suol. Their current single, entitled „Another EP“, is in the pipe on the new imprint Wazi Wazi, which is already gaining support and respect from the critics like De-Bug Magazine. Wazi Wazi is Nils personal label side-project (with Sasse) besides workin with John and handling a graphic design business he is living on.
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