Pavel Dovgal
Project Mooncircle / PMC070

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This album is a mix between different sides of the concept of >Cassiopeia<. Its about life. the universe. humans and the future. Cassiopeia includes musical approaches comparable to Prefuse 73. Robot Koch and Kryptic Minds. The record is predominantly Hip Hop. but features tracks with other artists that are not strictly part of this genre such as BekBekson. Verhovski and Fancy Mike. Pavels music is a trip into a fable and his medium is the music of different genres: Hip Hop. Dubstep. Glitch. Wonky and Downbeat. used to form pictures. Tracks such as >LA< or >Andromeda< are very personal statements from Pavel. >Quant Magic< is composed using Overtone. Didgeridoo. Boomerang. Yedaki and other Australian instruments. >Sacred Chants Of Shiva< seizes the listener with a sensation of restlessness. Check out this release from this yet unknown. but talented Ukrainian producer!
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